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1Tournament  Empty Tournament on 1/14/2011, 12:53 am


I might Start a Tournament in a Couple weeks, I need Nine People to register I will also choose who is in if there happens to be too many players. Here's how it's going to work.

- Nine players
- I will not be in the Tournament
- I will be Watching it though
- It Will be one on one, The person who wins advances
- Best of Three Kills
- Someone will Start off in The finals (9th Player)
- The Ninth Player will be Voted in by you guys
- I will organize the players
- organization might changed between these two versions:
Worst and Best, and so on ( Like the NHL) or I will add you together by how closely your skills are in the Game.
- You can use any Weapon you Want, how you want

Place your in-game name Below if you want in. Also if you want to try for ninth spot also place your name saying that. To vote for the player to be in Ninth Spot Type their Name and +1 beside it.

2Tournament  Empty Re: Tournament on 1/14/2011, 4:04 pm


Sry sorrow but I'm not a compettetive player I only like it when it's easy and I win hahahaha lol!!!!!!

3Tournament  Empty Re: Tournament on 1/15/2011, 1:59 am


Ya id lik the compitition but no 1 else does

4Tournament  Empty Re: Tournament on 1/18/2011, 9:50 pm


id love it. if we do this i would like to register and also for the 9 spot. im currently Lite-Brandon.

5Tournament  Empty Re: Tournament on 2/19/2011, 10:21 am


Ya i would love to do it too, if im in good luck to everyone! Im lite maurices i pad

6Tournament  Empty Re: Tournament on 2/28/2011, 9:16 am

The Ninja

The Ninja
Ummm....... I guess im in

7Tournament  Empty Re: Tournament on 3/2/2011, 12:03 am


Okay so far we got, lite Brandon, lite marice iPad, the ninja, noscope, if noscope isn't playing anymore more not sure ? I will play, ask your friends if they want to join I'm changing the rules only two more spots open

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