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Person player profiles for the highscores

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I talked to the developer the other day and asked him if he'd be alright with letting me use his database to make some new highscore features - and he said maybe. I finished the code today and I'm gonna send it to him now. Leave a comment if you'd like to be able to go to a link such as to see all your personal stats in one page. It's still just a maybe, but with some support I think he'd be cool with it.

EDIT - As of right now, the code works in a way that only shows a profile if you manually go to the appropriate URL for the player. If Jesse allows this, I'll ask him if he'll make the names clickable on the leader boards to direct us right to our profiles Smile

EDIT - 03/28/11, Still no word from Jesse. If you guys have any suggestions, now would be the time to leave them.

The Ninja

Great idea I would like that


Page not found, but yeah it sounds like a cool idea Smile


Like I said, it's still a maybe and Jesse hasn't uploaded the feature yet; I was giving an example of what it may look like.

Moses Cuh


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