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The Ninja CP Clan

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1 The Ninja CP Clan on 1/5/2011, 9:55 pm

The Ninja

This will be a clan of only the most elite ninja cp's . If you have always wanted to know glitches and strategies that most dont know this is the place for you an elite brotherhood of only the finest in ninjas. If you think your up for it I will accept 15 members into my clan give me three reasons that you are deserving and I will deside who the true ninja cp's are.

-The Ninja

PS: don't be afraid to ask to join all people who ask will be considered. afro

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2 Re: The Ninja CP Clan on 1/13/2011, 5:33 pm

The Ninja

Official member list

lite-maurice's ipad
-The Terminator

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3 Re: The Ninja CP Clan on 1/15/2011, 2:06 am


how bout me! L0L

4 Re: The Ninja CP Clan on 1/26/2011, 8:55 pm

The Ninja

Clan Rules

1.expect the unexpected
2.never underestimate an opponent
3.use stealth and skill set to your advantage
4.never give in to even the strongest of foes
5.(last but not least) have fun!

5 Re: The Ninja CP Clan on 2/18/2011, 6:55 pm


Hey ninja how do u get in a clan, dows it have to be full version?

6 Re: The Ninja CP Clan on 2/18/2011, 6:57 pm

The Ninja

It's not really officially incorporated into the game anyone can join (even lites)

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