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Sticky methods (beginners)

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1Sticky methods (beginners) Empty Sticky methods (beginners) on 1/12/2011, 9:57 pm


Lets say if there is 2 ppl nxt to each other ur low on health there is 2 ways u can take them both out... 1. stick one guy twice both explosion will kill the other guy 2. simply stick one of them the other guy pprobally cant c the stick and while hes still tryin to kill him use any weapon to kill him...

Worst Case Scenario 1. for stickies

!YOU GOT STUCK!!!!! $%#*

lol u can still stick ur "Sticker" or shotty him for some reason it seems easier to kill someone after they stuck u

3.lets say your ona flat map (city map) and u got arrow sayin ur enemy is direct either left or right of u but u cant c them. Simply hav volume on if the gunshots (if there r any) r low then hold the grenade button and aim slightly up to the direction of the guy i usually get lots of kills for this. if they r hiding behing a car near u but they arent on ur screen just simply aim that them wit max power and get him...

4. Someone is waiting underneath u waiting for u to drop down. hold the sticky button till max power, jump down CROUCH to dodge anyshot release grenade button jump up. Also works the other way around.

This is basically a tutorial for newbies any other NOT NEW player will fine this beginner tuturial dumb

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Nice job Jazed u texted enough ! L0L

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The Ninja

The Ninja
I do that kind Of stuff most of the time lol but that also wen il messin round wit them new lites

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