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When I first started playing I have to admit I sucked, big time. More then lots of some of the newbies of the lites today, now only two Players can beat me; Zack and Jayko. Now zack is not currently playing and that leaves Jayko7, and it's an pretty close match but he wins a few more then I win against him. And I can only say I've gotten this good because I never quit. when AMC sniped me or when GMpod won 20-1 against me 10 games in a row, instead of quiting after someone beat them in one game I kept playing, studying how AMC, Noob13, GoatyCoady and Countless other Beasts on Wifi Warfare Played, and eventually I was beating AMC and a few other good players. I wasn't the best, not even close. still but I knew I could eventually best them if I kept playing, And I did. A few left before I could rematch them and some came back and play occasionally: GMpod, GoatyCoady, noob13 and I can say I can beat them all not at there game though, I have to steal the grenade launcher before noob13 gets it, I have to make sure to stay above GoatyCoady, especially when he's crouching. So all I'm saying is If you want to be a good player in Wifi warfare and beat me, And I know lots of you will, keep playing study the other player don't try to beat them at there own game cause trust me it's alot harder then making them come up with a new game plan, that's one of the reason Zack is the best he takes away your advantages, and he is always ready for anything. Keep playing guys and soon you'll be the ones on the top.

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The Ninja

The Ninja
Ya I remember when I first started and just said wow on the first game I played in how badly I was beaten but now I'm much better I still use the same sort of strategy as when I started but it has improved through variety in my use of weapons and stealthiness but also in the way I use taticial glitches I never gave up and i hope I never will Cool

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